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Bank of America Leaves Six Points, Building Available

April 25, 2017 8:15 am by

From WTVR CBS 6:

Bank of America last month shut down its branch at 1307 E. Brookland Park Blvd. The closure came despite pushback from neighboring businesses and residents, who, with City Councilwoman Ellen Robertson on their side, tried to change the bank’s mind.

They argued that the BofA outpost is the only bank branch in the neighborhood, with the next closest being 2½ miles away. The closure, they said, leaves the area without an easily accessible, traditional banking alternative to payday lenders and check-cashing shops.

The group saw the closure as particularly ill-timed, pointing to recent interest in the neighborhood from developers and new business.

This is Bank of America’s rationale for the branch closure:

BofA has said the closure was based on the location’s performance from declining customer traffic, coupled with changes in overall branch traffic due to online and mobile banking.

We have opinions, but we share ours over on our @RVADirt Twitter page. What do you think, Northside? Does the closure of the ONE bank in Highland Park and surrounding neighborhoods that is accessible to folks who do not drive effect you? Your family or neighbors? If it does not, will you take this opportunity to learn WHY the loss of a physical branch of a bank negatively effects so many of your community members? Any ideas on how to lure another bank to our fair corridor? The building is available. Thoughts on what you’d like to see in its place if another financial institution isn’t willing to locate a branch in its stead?

Start a conversation with us, with your neighbors! Keep talking AND doing, Brookland Park!

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