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North Highland Park Hate Speech Vandalism

November 1, 2017 7:22 pm by

I’m sure by now most everyone in the area has heard about the disgusting display of bigotry and property damage that happened last night, 10/31/2017, between 9:30-10PM in North Highland Park. If you have not, here are a bunch of links from local media that will tell you the story, with pictures and video.






The perpetrator was caught on security camera. You can see the footage within this article, courtesy of Aaron James Sawyer.

Photo courtesy Aaron James Sawyer

The victim is 18 year old Michael Bowman. 18 YEARS OLD. He had an asthma attack that sent him to the hospital when he saw the graffiti the police are rightfully calling hate speech.

“The Richmond Police Department stands with the LGBTQ community in condemning what happened last night, Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham said in a statement. “I have directed the Department’s LGBTQ liaison, Captain Dan Minton, to monitor the progress of the investigation to keep everyone informed.”

The car belongs to his parents. They do not have the money to get rid of the nasty sentiment hastily scrawled along the driver’s side of the vehicle. Poor Michael has to drive to work with patches on the side of his ride and live with the knowledge that possibly one of his neighbors carries hate in his heart for him. The incident occurred in the 3400 block of Delaware Avenue in North Highland Park, one block from where I lived for years and from where I recently moved less than a mile away. This is painful, y’all. It’s terrible. This is NOT the Highland Park I know and live in and love. NOPE. This is not how we do. If you know who did this, TURN THEM IN! This sort of disregard for human life and property and happiness is NOT WELCOME in Highland Park, Northside, or Richmond in general. This may seem like a small act of vandalism to some, but it has wider repercussions. It causes fear in a community that is trying very hard to remain peaceful, and in the greater gay community of Richmond.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION Call Fourth Precinct Detective Lieutenant Herman W. Loney, III at 804 646-4195, or contact Crime Stoppers at 780-1000 or at

**Also, if anyone is trying to help Michael out, let us know! Removal of spray paint from anything is an expensive task and we’d be happy to contribute and spread the word.**



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